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 Release into:

  • your VISION

  • your GOALS
  • your INTUITION
  • your POTENTIAL
  • your RESOURCES


 I Believe In

A Holistic Approach to being a 


to living and healing and will challenge you to look into all aspects of your life that may be holding you back from being who you can be, and, who you want to be.  Using a blended practice of Coaching, Meditation and Mindfulness exercises ( including Positive Neuroplasticity Training (Rick Hanson), Bach Flower Remedies and Polarity Therapy (when in person in Santa Fe/Nambe, NM area) we will explore and refine your vision of your future reality and the steps needed to get you there.


You are taking your first steps towards wholeness and fulfillment!  Thank you for considering me as your life coach to accompany you on your path!

Life Coaching


     Joni is my life coach and I have been beyond surprised at where my journey started and where it's taken me in a short time.

     I was stuck and not moving forward. Joni helped guide me to kickstarting my life. She's very clear and present and at the end of each session we agreed on action I would take during the wk. She kept me on point and focused.

     I will continue to see her for tweaking as needed. Sidebar: She is beautiful inside and out and I'm totally inspired by her. Joni is and will remain my touchstone.

     Joni's immediate understanding of what I'm trying to communicate and her clarity in her response is what I value the most in my sessions with her. 


Barbara Weiss




  • B.A. Human Development/Healing Arts

  • Certified Professional Life Coach

  • Author of the "Breathe" Coaching Model

  • L.M.T., Polarity Therapist

  • Bach Flower Therapist

  • Certified Yoga Teacher


I would be honored to work with you!

Joni Holub, CPC, Life Coach


Life Coach,

Appointments conducted:

  • On Skype

  • By Phone

  • In person in Santa Fe, Nambe, NM and surrounding areas


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     Having Joni as a life coach was a truly wonderful and productive experience as from the first session I knew that she and I were in harmony.  Her unique and authentic style, which included visualization exercises helped me to grasp and move beyond the places where I was unclear and stuck.

     Joni also showed very astute and intuitive abilities in recognizing underlying issues that might not have been apparent to most.  She is a great listener and births very powerful questions because of these gifts.


Lynn Ann Barcant

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