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Joni Holub, Certified Professional Life Coach

B.A. in Human Development/Healing Arts,

CPC Advanced Life Coaching Program,

Certified Positive Neuroplasticity Trainer, Polarity Therapist

 L.M.T., Certified Yoga Instructor, Shaklee Distributor

located in the Santa Fe/Nambe, NM area


  • CPC (Certified Professional Coach) Advanced Life Coach Program with The International Coaching Academy 

  • B.A. in Human Development/Healing Arts  from Prescott College, Prescott, AZ

  • Studied Positive Neuroplasticity Training with Rick Hanson

  • Studied Herbal Medicine & Homeopathy at Northern New Mexico College, Espanola, NM

  • Studied Yoga Teacher Training at Prajna Yoga, Santa Fe, NM

  • Studied Polarity Therapy with Roger Gilchrist in Taos, NM

  • Studied Massage Therapy at Doctor Jay Scherer's Academy of Natural Healing in Santa Fe, NM

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Life Coaching in beautiful NM

I consider myself to be extremely fortunate to live in a place of great beauty and power in Northern New Mexico, in the village of Nambe, just north of Santa Fe.   I live with my husband, a dog, a cat and 9 chickens.  I see my children and grandchildren as often as possible. I am gifted with amazing friendship, and love to engage in celebration within that community.   I believe in surrounding myself in beauty and love, and being in gratitude for all of it, thereby continuing to attract that energy into my life and role as a Life Coach.


I grew up in New York City and spent my summers as a child and teenager in Northport, on  Long Island.  I lived in Venice Beach, CA for a few years in the mid to late 70's before returning to New York and starting a family.  I moved to New Mexico in 1989 and continue to have a love affair with it! 

I approach life holistically knowing that one aspect of my life cannot be truly set apart from the rest.   I always turn first to Herbal, Homeopathic and Body Work solutions for any imbalances, and take super pure vitamins and nutritional products (see the Shaklee page for more information) to make sure that my body stays on track.  Healthy Food is of major importance in my life and I eat organic as much as possible and prepare my food with love.  


I wear a few different hats within my chosen path of service in the healing arts and have created a blended practice including:  Life Coaching, Positive Neuroplasticity Training, Workshop Facilitator, Polarity/Massage Therapist (limited clientel), Bach Flower Remedies and Shaklee Distributor (see Shaklee page).  Approaching healing from multiple directions, in my experience, creates powerful results.  Please contact me with any questions that you may have.


Knowing that my path is in service, believing that we contain the answers we seek within us and are ultimately responsible for our own destiny and health, being a Life Coach is the perfect occupation for me!  Empowering others to find their direction and take the steps toward achieving their goals is what I am here for.  I hope that we can spend time together moving forward and upward!   Life Coaching sessions are conducted either by skype, phone or in person (in the Santa Fe/Nambe, NM area) according to individual needs.


Breathe in the potentiality!



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